Amazingly stain resistant

Care and stain removal


With the purchase of an AMAIZE® carpet, you have chosen an amazingly stain-free flooring!
As a natural feature of the yarn, AMAIZE® provide built-in stain protection that will never wear off or wash away! Please follow our maintenance advice and your carpet will keep its aspect
for years to come.

Prevention is better

Place mats in front of the house door to trap the dirt. This will stop outside dirt from getting
onto your carpet. Bear in mind that a dark carpet won’t show dirt and stains as much as
a light carpet will.

The weekly maintenance

The weekly maintenance of your carpet is very important for the appearance and life of your carpet. We recommend using a vacuum with a beater-bar, which will raise the pile while it removes soil. This way you will be able to lift away dirt and spills more easily.

Clean in-depth

Every two years, we recommend that you clean your carpet in-depth in order to preserve its appearance. To find out the adequate cleaning procedure, ask your specialised store, 
which will give you the proper advice.

Removal of stains

We offer a 5 year stain resist warranty on all AMAIZE® carpets.
This warranty is for 5 years from date of original purchase and is valid for all normal food and beverage stains, if the carpet is properly installed and maintained (*).
* for more details please consult the section 'warranty'.

If a stain occurs, please follow this advice

1. Mop up liquids as much as possible with a dry cloth. Remove solid dirt with a spoon.
2. Let the carpet dry out.
3. If a rest of your stain is still visible, apply a carpet cleaning product containing bleach
    (or 100% household bleach) onto the stain. Leave it some seconds.
4. Gently rub with a clean kitchen cloth and absorbe the stain.