• resistant to dirt and dust
  • easy to maintain
  • easy to wet clean

When you choose AMAIZE® carpets, you choose quality, easy maintenance and a carpet that doesn’t absorb dirt or dust. That’s why AMAIZE® carpets are so easy to look after. All you need to do to keep your AMAIZE® carpet looking good as new is to vacuum once a week and carry out a wet clean every two years. If stains do occur, simply clean them away with some water, easily available household products or bleach.

The weekly maintenance of your carpet is very important 
to keep it looking new and for prolonging its life.
We recommend using a vacuum with a beater-bar or a rotating brush as these ‘lift’ the pile to remove more soil
and make it easier to remove dirt and dust.

We also recommend that you wet clean the carpet every two years; vacuum thoroughly and then use a good quality spray extraction appliance to apply carpet shampoo and extract it immediately.